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Please see our selection of Carbon Filters on offer.

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FeatureACUARIO ElectrolysisReverse Osmosis SystemUV System
Primary FunctionWater purification, ionization and disinfectionRemoval of impuritiesInactivation of bacteria, viruses, and fungi
Environmental ImpactVery LowHighLow
Removal of ImpuritiesHighly effectiveHighly effectiveLimited effectiveness
Bacteria and VirusesHighly effectiveHighly effectiveHighly effective
Heavy MetalsHighly effectiveEffectiveIneffective
ChemicalsHighly effectiveEffectiveIneffective
Chlorine and ChloraminesHighly effectiveEffectiveIneffective
Maintenance RequiredMinimal maintenanceRegular maintenance and filter replacementMinimal maintenance
Filter ReplacementsYesYesYes
Energy ConsumptionVery LowHighVery Low
Water WasteNoneVery HighLow/None
Installation ComplexityLowModerateLow
Alteration of Water pHAlters water pH (typically more alkaline)Slightly alters water pH (typically more acidic)No significant pH alteration

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