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Acuario living water windows were created with the vision of providing pure, revitalizing, mineral rich water to the people.



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Acuario living water windows were created with the vision of providing pure, revitalizing, mineral rich water to the people. Acuario Living water windows provide an alternative for people who don’t have home filtration systems or for those who are looking for healthier drinking water than what’s currently available on the market. Acuario has franchised the “living water window” allowing entrepreneurs to invest and become a part of the Acuario movement. Entrepreneurs can easily set one of these up in front of a yoga studio, school, community center, or health store.

When you fill up at an Acuario Self-fill station you are guaranteed:

  1. The best drinking water : It revitalizes, is rich in minerals, free of contaminants and has the added benefits of structured water
  2. Positive environmental impact: Acuario systems waste zero water in the filtration process
  3. Convenience : available to the public 24/7
  4. Community impact: self-fill water stations encourage communities to invest in sustainable practices

Product is sold as a kit and includes:

1x Water window

1x Arc-1 system

Product Dimensions:

The water window:

Height: 33”

Width: 30.3”

The Arc-1 system:

Height: 33.47”

Width: 31.50”

FeatureACUARIO ElectrolysisReverse Osmosis SystemUV System
Primary FunctionWater purification, ionization and disinfectionRemoval of impuritiesInactivation of bacteria, viruses, and fungi
Environmental ImpactVery LowHighLow
Removal of ImpuritiesHighly effectiveHighly effectiveLimited effectiveness
Bacteria and VirusesHighly effectiveHighly effectiveHighly effective
Heavy MetalsHighly effectiveEffectiveIneffective
ChemicalsHighly effectiveEffectiveIneffective
Chlorine and ChloraminesHighly effectiveEffectiveIneffective
Maintenance RequiredMinimal maintenanceRegular maintenance and filter replacementMinimal maintenance
Filter ReplacementsYesYesYes
Energy ConsumptionVery LowHighVery Low
Water WasteNoneVery HighLow/None
Installation ComplexityLowModerateLow
Alteration of Water pHAlters water pH (typically more alkaline)Slightly alters water pH (typically more acidic)No significant pH alteration

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